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Hi, I’m Hannaa Adam.

Artist, Illustrator, Educator, Blogger, Vlogger and all round friend who brings you the best of watercolors and mindset coaching.

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My Story

I am  fascinated by watercolour paint and the power of words.  On one hand, it celebrates the magic and transparency that exist in watercolours and how this can be applied in painting gemstones and jewels. On the other hand, words impart feelings of empowerment and inspiration to the work. When I work with watercolours, it brings out an intense focus transporting me to a distant realm. It is almost a meditative process and provides calm and peace to my mind. This is a feeling that through my art I want to impart on my audience, thus creating a connection to the piece I have created for them.Watercolour is a distinct and captivating medium that dances on the paper before magically settling in and creating its own valuable mark and unique beauty. Its transparent nature naturally celebrates shine and light as it is reflected and refracted on the gemstones and jewels that I paint.

Art and Mindset

Do you also think that blogs and vlogs are meant to be more than just a page where all you want to do is scroll down to the bottom to find your recipe or instructions for your DIY? Yeah, me too!

The Art and Mindset collection of articles and videos are curated to bring you the latest know how in Modern Watercolor Painting as well as research into how watercolor painting helps with positive mindset. Dive right in to discover how you can get started with painting in watercolors while finding happiness in your life.

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